Service stickers in e-shop

"Our AutomotiveServiceStickers are more than just service labels; they're the heart of our commitment to your vehicle's well-being. Crafted as an affordable and highly effective system for marking your cherished car after each service, our stickers have become a trusted companion for auto mechanics across Europe.

What sets us apart is that we don't just offer these stickers; we use them ourselves for servicing cars, and we've put them to the test in the most challenging conditions. Through rigorous laboratory testing, we've ensured that our adhesive labels withstand the harshest elements, be it scorching heat, freezing cold, high humidity, and more.

We're truly sorry that our ordering process is currently available only in English. We've made this choice to streamline our e-shop and provide you with the best service possible. Rest assured, when you choose AutomotiveServiceStickers, you're not just choosing a label; you're choosing a partner in your car's journey, dedicated to its longevity and performance."

Service stickers for cars in e-shop are informative labels used for recording oil changes, operating fluids changes or changes of important components as timing belt is.

All of these stickers are designed to withstand environmental influences such as temperature, humidity, water or mechanical damage. These properties were tested and verified according to technical standards. Following the procedure of use, these labels are durable and inexpensive option for marking the car for future technical inspections and changes of operating fluids, oils or other important components of the car.

Stickers applications

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Types of service stickers

  • Motor oil change stickers in kilometers or miles

  • Gear oil change stickers in kilometers or miles

Service stickers

  • Brake fluid change stickers

  • Timing belt change stickers in kilometers or miles

  • A/C refrigerant change stickers

Service stickers brake fluid, timing belt, AC change


How to use these service stickers

To make the sticker waterproof and long-term durable it must be covered by protective tape. Protective tape for the service sticker is available to buy here.

Please follow the steps below on how to cover the sticker with protective tape. It is important to follow the procedure. Protective tape protects the surface and information written on the service sticker by pen.

Place the service sticker only to metal parts of the car. For example, in engine space, hood or to lower door pillar. You can find examples of placement of the stickers below. 


Service sticker properties:

Service sticker covered by protective tape and placed to metal parts of car has these properties:

- Operating temperature -40°C to +80°C:

     - Comply with standard IEC 60068-2-1: Cold -40°C/16h

     - Comply with standard IEC 60068-2-2: Dry heat +80°C/16h

- Resistant to humidity and water

- Resistant to mechanical damage

Service sticker covered with protective tape and placed to the metal surface is suitable for long-term intervals.


Instructions how to cover stickers by protective tape:

1.Write information on a sticker with a pen.

2. Place the sticker on any paper. Stick the end of the protective tape to the edge of a table. Unwind 20 cm of tape.

3. Use any card from your wallet and press firmly on the tape at the beginning of the service sticker.

4. Swipe the tape with the card. Start from the beginning of the label and continue to the end in one stroke. It is necessary to use the card. Otherwise, air bubbles can appear.

5. Cut the excessive protective tape with scissors.

6. Stick the sticker on a car.


Examples of application:

(2461x1640) Obrázek ukázka na vozu.jpg


Removing the sticker from the metal parts of car:

Remove protective tape first. 

Dampen the sticker with hot water, let it soak for a while, later the paper part can be easily removed. 

The last part of the sticker is glue. Use a brake cleaner to remove any remaining glue residue.

You can also place a new sticker on the previous sticker. Then you do not have to remove the old one.